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Stock Footage of Family of polar bear butts walking away across snow and rocks. Total Frat Move | Beloved New Jersey Bear That Walked Upright Killed By Hilariously Psycho Hunter Angel. Age: 24. Hey, my name is Paulete (20, Vilnius) With sudden determination, Gus decided to find love real, substantial love before his dreaded fortieth birthday. Aug 7, - Earlier this week, Wells Police and Maine Game Wardens issued a warning after some bear sightings were reported last weekend. Now in New Jersey there has been a sighting of a bear walking on two feet. This video was shot early in the morning just the other day. This is one weird-ass bear, bub. Alyssa. Age: 22. Modella, 1 Beloved New Jersey Bear That Walked Upright Killed By Hilariously Psycho Hunter Jun 17, - This big-ass Alaskan bear was recently out for a walk when it stumbled upon the American Legion baseball field that some fools decided to build near its home. "Great," the bear must have thought. "Forgot about this dumb-ass baseball field they built on my walking route.". Feb 7, - And it was not what I expected. I mean, it's not like I expected it to be a sculpted work of art. But I was kinda, sorta, secretly hoping it would be soft and cuddly, and maybe even do a cute little side-to-side wiggle when it walked. Instead, it looked like two overly large Virginia smoked hams fighting over the.

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Florence. Age: 23. Hottest Italian princess available now in vegas!!! Oct 17, - "I wanna kill the shit out of that thing," is, presumably, not a thought you've ever had about an animal named something like "Pedals." Even if you have, it was probably at least some neighbor's asshole cat. The kind that walks up acting friendly but, as soon as you reach down to pet it, it. They undoubtedly had left their wives behind for a week of fishing in Alaska, and were a little rough around the edges without their wives present. I wondered if they saw the large creature walking towards them. “Here comes a bear,” one of them said. “Good, let him come,” said another. “I am going to kick that bear's ass. In the distance, I watched the bear amble in my direction. The bear was waving to a group of children and didn't see the man eating an ice—cream cone. The bear's ass nudged the man, and it knocked the bulbous scoop of ice cream from his cone to the pavement, where it immediately started to melt. The bear kept walking.


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