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This can include a lack of sexual desire that causes distress, disinterest, and inability to achieve orgasm when orgasm was once easy. And orgasm, when accessible, is one of the best healing tools a woman, and a couple, can use to boost her vitality and health. We want our desire back, and contrary to popular belief. Why are some women never able to orgasm? A gynaecologist explains | The Independent Kelsi. Age: 19. Hello babes !! New research found that when people, who were novices when it came to massages, gave their partners one it improved their physical and emotional wellbeing. The results indicated that these women's desires and expectations differed appreciably from those reported in the typical clinical and sexological literature. We tend to think of sex as something that starts with burning desire and ends with an orgasm. But that's a rather goal-oriented model of sex that doesn't describe many women's experience. Women often report what's called “responsive desire,” where they decide to begin an encounter out of curiosity, because they want to. Charlyse. Age: 20. Hi, I'm Karina What Do Women Want? Jan 15, - There is more written about orgasm than any other area of female sexuality. The good news is that awareness of the woman's "sexual voice" which includes desire, pleasure, eroticism, and satisfaction is healthy for the woman, the couple, and the culture. The bad news is that sexual performance demands. Feb 23, - But there are other possibilities, says Frederick, including that women may take longer to become aroused than men, or that men desire orgasm more frequently than women. “So another question worth investigating is what percentage of women are happy with the frequency with which they orgasm,” he.

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Lynn. Age: 28. i'm here for those special men who desire something a little bit out of the ordinary... Not just a brief encounter or a nice time… it would be my pleasure to spice up your routine, or just to help you slow down and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Studies in carefully selected postmenopausal women with low sexual desire that causes them personal distress show that testosterone treatment can boost sexual interest and activity. However, the results aren't dramatic, and placebo cream (without any active testosterone) has been shown to have similar effects. Although. Jan 22, - Investigating the culmination of female desire, Barry Komisaruk, a neuroscientist at Rutgers University, has subjects bring themselves to orgasm while lying with their heads in an fM.R.I. scanner — he aims to chart the activity of the female brain as subjects near and reach four types of climax: orgasms.


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