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Feb 19, - Last week, we published a military doctor's very useful field guide to masturbating while on active duty. Unsurprisingly, it elicited plenty of comment on the topic from experienced servicepeople, some of which we have collected for your enjoyment. Got anything to add? Leave a comment in the discussion. Life On A Submarine: Raunchy, Cramped, And Occasionally Smells Like Sh*t Beata. Age: 30. Avaible for you now in Tokyo City, jast call me and you will get my service, hot massage, nuru massage, came on body, came on face, blow job, hand job, if request Anal!! jast call me and you will get my best service!!! I will get your location soon!!!!! First of all, do NOT masturbate while on duty. One of the guys in my platoon asked me when was the last time I had a wet dream. That said, I don't think that any army has an official opinion regarding their soldiers masturbating or not. It's a very private thing which does no harm and everybody is doing it anyway. Still, this Vietnam story always “haunted” me and taking your snake out isn't a very good idea when you are in the proximity of enemy forces. Isabella. Age: 18. Hi, i am bianca, a 24 year old stunning brunette with brown-green eyes, 5'6 tall with lovely long legs and a perfect 35b bust size. MODERATORS Oct 7, - You've got a bunch of guys, it's the military, young dudes, where do you go for a little bit of private time and is that even possible? By “private time” I'm beating around the bush here, but you can probably guess what I'm talking about (masturbation). Where do you go to do it? So, it's tough, man. Every square. Just curious. Anyone have any funny stories that relate?Reddit, what's your most fucked up masturbation story?: AskReddit.

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Scarlet. Age: 24. Hi dears Apr 8, - Tips for Military Masturbation. If you want to maintain your sexual sanity while on duty, you need to understand a few things. For starters, everyone does it, and a mutual respect exists among comrades when it comes to the masturbatory arts. If you catch one of your fellow troops engaging in an act of. Feb 28, - DJM Any here ever served in the military? I was wondering how common is they actually come out and say they perfer you don't do. Oct 8, - US Military Cracks Down On Troop Masturbation In Afghanistan. Brian Jones Affectionaly dubbed the "catch-all" by Marines, Article 92 allows the military to prosecute its troops for "failure to obey an order or regulation." The notice . A daily roundup of our best stories delivered to your inbox. By clicking.


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